European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.


Spenden-Gala 2019
Spenden-Gala 2019

Spenden-Gala zugunsten des Projekts "ECO SCHOOL-Ein solarbetriebenes Schulgebäude auf den Philippinen"

Hier tanzt man nicht nur zum Vergnügen, sondern auch noch für einen guten Zweck . Der Erlös aus der Veranstaltung wird komplett für die Vereinsziele eingesetzt. Unterstützen Sie ENFiD-Germany und genießen Sie einen ganz besonderen Abend. Sie tanzen auf der großen Tanzfläche mit Live-Band und anderen "Specials". Festliche Kleidung erwünscht.

Für Sponsoring und Spenden bitte nutzen Sie unsere Bankverbindung:

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.
Gläubiger ID: DE35ZZZ00002019752 
IBAN: DE75 3606 0295 0016 8660 16 
Kreditinstitut: Bank im Bistum Essen eG
Verwendungszweck: ECOSCHOOL2019

A Capella Manila Konzert 2019
A Capella Manila Konzert 2019

2019 European Goodwill Concert Tour - A Capella Manila May 25-July 7, 2019

KUNST in Zusammenarbeit mit ALAEH e.V. & ENFiD Germany e.V.  Präsentiert: A Capella Manila Konzert (Philippinischer Chor). Unter der Leitung von Prof. Rodel Bugarin

Kath. Pfarrgemeinde St. Gereon Giesenkirchen, 
Konstantin Str. 189
25.05.2019 -11:30 und ab 14:00Uhr 
Gereonshaus, Vicarenweg 2, 41238 Mönchengladbach

Freie evangelische Gemeinde, Hofterbergstr. 32, 45127 Essen
25.05.2019 -19:00Uhr

Voerde St. Peter Spellen
Mehrumer Str. 12
46562 Spellen/Voerde
26.05.2019 - 18:00 Uhr

FCC Mönchengladbach
Filipino Catholic Community Mönchengladbach

ENFiD-Germany  is deeply grateful for the interest and support of ENFiD-Czech Republic with the special assistance of Ms Michelle Marquez! The place was truly conducive for  retreat and recollection with our Filipino chaplain Rev. Fr. Rodel Liguid SVD and the Filipino Catholic Community of Mönchengladbach under the leadership of Ms. Evelyn Alcarmen Müschen who is at present  ENFiD-Germany chairperson. Other ENFiD-Germany officers, Ms Mary Grace Lugo Schardin (Deputy), and Ms Marivic Soßnowski (1st Secretary), also joined the group. 

Prague Recollection
Recollection Mass @ Church of St. Thomas (Kostel sv. Tomáše).

Special thanks also to Fr. Immanuel Magnus and Mr. Melvin Santiago of the Filipino Catholic Community (FCC) Prague in the Church of St. Thomas (Kostel sv. Tomáše) for the memorable Recollection. ENFiD-Czech among country members was truly  a cooperative networking in action. Hoping to see more concerted efforts  in the days to come. 

Filipino Catholic Community Mönchengladbach Recollection, 26-28 April, 2019.

Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas Celebration
Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas Celebration

We invite you to come and celebrate with us culminating the year 2018, giving thanks to all who supported our cause and enjoy the season of love connecting with Filcom, engaging in productive and creative dialogue and empowering each other to each of the achievements and endeavour that we met in year 2018.

Thanksgiving and  Pre-Christmas Celebration. November 24, 2018, 06:00 PM in Gereonshaus, Vikarienweg 2
D-41238 Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen
For more information please contact: 
gmail,  ENFiDGermany  or call 02238 301403.

Plaque of Appreciation
ENFiD and ALAEH Honorary Member: Oggie Maristela, ENFiD-Germany Pres. Evelyn Mueschen, ALAEH President: Rheynan Silang ENFiD and ALAEH Honorary Member:Virgilio Cuizon and ENFiD-Germany VP: Mary Grace Schardin

ENFiD-Germany presenting the Award of appreciation to ALAEH e.V. for enduring service and commitment to the Filipino community in Germany and to our country, Philippines for 25 years. ALAEH is the pioneer and founding member of ENFiD since Global Filipino Diaspora Council in 2010 followed by Diaspora to Dialogue (D2D) in Rome 2012. Visit FB Page: ALAEH Organization

ENFiD 2018 Paris Conference Statement

We, the delegates of the ENFiD 2018 Conference celebrate our strengthened organisation from a courage filled idea, to project implementations, and to welcoming new endeavours as we carry on with ENFiD’s next chapter. We realize how essential it is to incorporate our values in conveying our roles and how universally relevant ENFiD’s projects and activities are. More

ENFiD-Paris Conference 2018
"Diwang Pilipino, Tatak Euro-Pinoy” A Conference on the Exploration of Filipino Values as Tools for Understanding and Supporting the Global Agenda to End Poverty and to Protect the Environment"

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V. 
-a registered Filipino-German Organization 

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) – Germany e.V. was officially registered on December 22, 2016 with members from the Filipino communities of Berlin,  Bremen, Hamburg,  North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria. It was registered by the local court in the city of Bochum, which is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany’s most populous state. Most Filipinos in Germany live in NRW. 

The organization has the following board members: Emmalyn Liwag Kotte (Chairperson / Country Representative), Tessie Wilms (Deputy Chairperson) Audris Umel (Secretary), Cuizon and Maristela are former presidents of ALA EH e.V., (Association Lending Assistance in Exigencies at Home), a charity  organization based in Essen that has been cited  (LINKAPIL, 2006) for its projects in the Philippines. Both are recipients of the Philippine government’s Banaag Award, which is given to Filipino individuals or associations for their significant contributions to particular sectors  or for having advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities.   

Most members  of ENFiD-Germany are active leaders of Filipino migrants‘  organizations and Catholic communities in their respective regions. Members also include graduate students, health care practitioners and media workers.

ENFID-Germany is part of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) that started after the Diaspora2Dialogue conference in Rome in 2012,  a non-partisan, non-profit, non-sectarian civil society organization of Overseas Filipinos. It seeks to promote a sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from home; inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations among its members and be a catalyst for addressing social, cultural, educational, economic and integration concerns among Filipinos in Europe.       

ENFiD is registered in Malta (Reg. VO/0885) and the European Union Transparency Registry. Its members are organized through national  country member organizations headed by their respective country representatives. It  also has members in Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom,  the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Ireland and in Israel.

ENFiD-Germany has its postal address at Lorenz-Görtz-Straße 75, 41238 Mönchengladbach.




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