European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.

Ms. Regina Galias, CFO

HE Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin welcomed the participants and called on them to become peace messengers and peacemakers. She noted that there is one goal that unites them: to make life better for Filipinos in their home and host countries. She lauded ENFiD’s efforts to engage young European Filipinos in their activities and reported about the Lakbay Aral cultural immersion program of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) for second generation European Filipinos. The Philippine Embassy launched the program in Berlin last year. It invites 18-25-year-old Filipino Germans to visit the Philippines to rediscover their Filipino roots and better understand the country and its people. Read More 

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V. -a registered Filipino-German Organization 

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFID) – Germany e.V. was officially registered on December 22, 2016 with members from the Filipino communities of Berlin,  Bremen, Hamburg,  North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria. It was registered by the local court in the city of Bochum, which is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany’s most populous state. Most Filipinos in Germany live in NRW. 

The organization has the following board members: Emmalyn Liwag Kotte (Chairperson / Country Representative), Tessie Wilms (Deputy Chairperson) Audris Umel (Secretary), Cuizon and Maristela are former presidents of ALA EH e.V., (Association Lending Assistance in Exigencies at Home), a charity  organization based in Essen that has been cited  (LINKAPIL, 2006) for its projects in the Philippines. Both are recipients of the Philippine government’s Banaag Award, which is given to Filipino individuals or associations for their significant contributions to particular sectors  or for having advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities.   

Most members  of Enfid-Germany are active leaders of Filipino migrants‘  organizations and Catholic communities in their respective regions. Members also include graduate students, health care practitioners and media workers.

ENFID-Germany is part of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFID) that started after the Diaspora2Dialogue conference in Rome in 2012,  a non-partisan, non-profit, non-sectarian civil society organization of Overseas Filipinos. It seeks to promote a sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from home; inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations among its members and be a catalyst for addressing social, cultural, educational, economic and integration concerns among Filipinos in Europe.       

ENFID is registered in Malta (Reg. VO/0885) and the European Union Transparency Registry. Its members are organized through national  country member organizations headed by their respective country representatives. It  also has members in Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom,  the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Ireland and in Israel.

The ENFID Secretariat is presently based at Meendaal 230, 6228 GS Maastricht, the Netherlands and is governed by the Board of Directors through its Executive Director Rohlee de Guzman. Enfid-Germany has its postal address at Dibergstr 57, 44789 Bochum. 









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